Ballistic Dummy Gel Arm

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Ballistic Dummy Lab Gel Arm

Our Ballistic Dummy Lab Gel Arms are anatomically correct, complete with bones, and molded with our 20% organic gel formula. The arms can be ordered individually or as a pair. Our gel arms are typically used for explosive testing, blade testing, and even for testing with machining tools. While these are average adult-size arms, we have done custom orders with child-size arms. Please reach out to us if you need something custom or specific. 

Our clear ballistic gel is organic and landfill-safe and will safely decompose if left on the ground, but simply dispose of the torso with your regular trash once all your testing, shooting, and filming is complete. 

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Shipping and Shelf Life: Ballistic Dummy Lab arms ship between 2 and 4 weeks from the purchase date. The shelf life is 3-4 weeks from the ship date.


Color: We offer our ballistic dummy gel arms in clear or flesh coloring. 

Want something custom? Reach out to us on our Contact Page and let us know what you’re looking for! 

See our Ballistic Dummy Lab arms in action on YouTube!