Q: Does the ‘flesh’ act like real flesh during testing?
A: Ballistic Dummy Lab has a proprietary organic gel that no one else has on the market. Its verisimilitude of real muscle tissue is from actual testing of  human flesh and musculature. 

Q: What is the melting point of a ballistic gel product?
A: Ballistic Dummy Lab proprietary gel has a temperature rating of 95 degrees  Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius).

Q: How long will I have to wait for my order once purchased?
A: Three to four weeks. We really appreciate your order, and want to make sure that each purchase is fulfilled in the sequence it was received. You will be emailed both a confirmation of your order at the time of purchase, and then a notification when it ships, including a tracking number. 

Q: What are the bones made of?
A: The bones are made of a high-density resin closely replicating average human bone.

Q: How accurate to the human body are the dummies?
A: Our ballistic gel dummies serve as a consistent testing medium. Based on an average human. 

Q: What is the shelf life of a Ballistic Dummy Lab gel item, and what happens after that?
A: The average shelf life is three to five weeks. After that time, the gel loses moisture and as a result will start to become denser and shrink.

Q: How do I store my Ballistic Dummy Lab purchase until I use it?
A: Keep it stored at room temperature (or cooler - our ballistic gel doesn't deal  with freezing well though), out of the box (mold can develop in the dark confines of the box), lightly wrapped in clear plastic. 

Q: Why are the dummies so expensive?
A: Here’s some insight at what’s included in the price of our products:
-The research and development that lead to the current high quality (and exclusivity) of our items and which is ongoing to keep us up to date and maintain our status as the primary choice in our field
- Cost of materials used to make the product
- Labor: any time spent designing, making and then marketing the product whether it’s the business owner or and employee
- Packaging materials
- Overhead (all other business costs) - including but not limited to the cost of equipment, accounting, insurance, utilities, rent, etc.
Q: What is your Damaged Goods Policy?
A: We spend a great deal of time and energy on how we ship all of our Ballistic Dummy Lab products, but sometimes our products overheat or can get damaged during shipping. If you open your Ballistic Dummy Lab order and find it to be unsatisfactory, please document everything you see right away. We ask customers to send us photos of the box, the inside of the box, and the damage to the item, if possible, and email us these images. Many times, we can make a claim with shipping carriers, so the more images we have, the better. Once we receive your email, we will immediately send you a return shipping label. You can repackage the damaged goods into the same box, or if a new box is needed, we will work with you on getting you what you need to return the items to us. We want to ensure every customer is happy and receiving the best product possible.