Ballistic Dummy Gel Hands Separated Joints (Flexible)

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Shipping and Shelf Life: Ballistic Dummy Lab gel hands ship between 2 and 4 weeks of the purchase date. The shelf life is 3-4 weeks from the ship date. 

Our Ballistic Dummy lab anatomical hand has realistic bones with seperated joints Making them slightly Flexable and wired together. the Flesh is a 20% BDL organic gel formula. We designed our hands to be as close to a replica as possible to a real hand, with the internal bone design matching that of what you would see in an adult hand.  The ballistic gel is set to be as thick as human skin is, so it’s as close to the real density as possible.

Our clear ballistic gel is organic and landfill-safe. It will safely decompose if left on the ground, but simply dispose of the ballistic dummy lab hand(s) in your regular trash once all your testing, shooting, and filming is complete. Our gel hands are used for various tests, including cut tests, machine and tool testing, medical replicas, and more.

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Options: We offer our ballistic dummy gel hands in two sizes: standard and large. They are also available in clear or flesh-colored. Finally, you can order a left hand only, a right hand, or a pair of hands.

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Check out our Ballistic Dummy Lab Gel Hand in action on YouTube!