Perma-Gel 9x4x4 Ballistic Gel Block

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Perma-Gel 9"x4"x4" Ballistic Gel Block is a synthetic, clear, non-toxic "soft tissue" medium for the testing and comparison of different types of projectiles and loads, which is conveniently recyclable by a simple melting process. In developing this product, Perma-Gel has kept two main objectives in mind:

  1. To provide hunters, shooters, hand loaders and ballisticians with a room-temperature ballistic medium that closely simulates cold (4° C) 10% ordnance gelatin without its inherent decomposition problems.
  2. To provide the user with the ability to re-melt/reuse the medium by simply using a 110-volt appliance (A turkey oven).

Perma-Gel believes you will observe that Perma-Gel closely simulates chilled ballistic gelatin (for example, 2.95-3.74 inch penetration of a steel BB at 600 fps, the FBI standard), while being superior in clarity, unaffected by water, incapable of breeding bacteria and somewhat more elastic (allowing more shots per square inch).
In limited testing, Perma-Gel has found that trajectory, deformation and permanent wound cavities created by expanding, high-velocity (i.e., above about 1600 fps) bullets are very similar to those created in gelatin.
Using Perma-Gel to evaluate low-velocity (i.e., less than 1600 fps) bullets will show somewhat lesser degrees of bullet expansion than in gelatin, and studying non-expanding ("Full Metal Jacket") bullets will show greater penetration. lthough "temporary" cavities are not normally studied by individual shooters, the professional ballistician will find that high-speed photography will record remarkable views of temporary cavities, owing to the superior clarity of Perma-Gel.