Ballistic Dummy Gel Zombie Torso

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Ballistic Dummy Gel Zombie Torso

Shipping and Shelf Life: A Ballistic Dummy Lab Torso ships between 2 and 4 weeks of the purchase date. The shelf life is 3-4 weeks from the ship date.

Ballistic Dummy Lab’s fully loaded zombie torso is as fun and sci-fi as it gets! These discolored and rotting torsos are made with clear ballistic gel, imitation bones that look like they’re decaying and aged, and organs packed full of your choice of blood color (red, green, or blue - or contact us for custom colors). The zombie torso includes an undead upper body, spine, and rib cage, and comes with our Ballistic Dummy Lab undead head. Our unloaded torsos do not include anatomically accurate blood-filled organs, but brains and blood are in the skull. The Ballistic Dummy Lab Gel Zombie Torso is the #1 requested target by Kentucky Ballistic’s YouTube fans, and for good reason! This undead torso is what nightmares are made of, and it looks like rigor mortis has set in. Remember, there’s only one way to kill a Zombie, and that’s with a clean shot to the brain.

Ballistic Dummy Lab prides itself on making the best ballistic torsos on the market for ballistic testing, medical research, and more. With our dummies, you can test handgun, rifle, and shotgun calibers to see the after-effects of the damage from endless cartridge options. Our 20% Ballistic Dummy Lab organic gel formula is also perfect for testing arrow tips from field points all the way up to broadheads.

Our distressed Zombie torso was designed for fun but has quickly become a staple item in demand by content creators for stabbing, burning, shooting, and even taking a chainsaw to. Just think of all the ways The Walking Dead crew had to defeat the zombies. With our decayed looking Zombie Torso, you can experience the many ways you might need to defend yourself when the Zombie Apocalypse kicks off.

We recommend mounting our Ballistic Dummy Lab Torso using our Steel Torso Stand. We always build our torsos with an internal 1-inch outer diameter schedule 40 PVC pipe, 18 inches into the spine of our dummy. For easy mounting, ensure you have a flat, sturdy surface for the torso to sit on, and for optimal support, drill a hole into this platform for a support beam to go through it and the torso’s piping. For the best performance of the gel, do not leave the torso in direct sunlight; only unwrap it once you’re ready to use it. Our clear ballistic gel is organic and landfill-safe and will safely decompose if left on the ground, but simply dispose of the torso with your regular trash once all your testing, shooting, and filming is complete. 

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Options: Unloaded (Skeleton only, No Organs) or Loaded (Skeleton and Organs) - BOTH options include brains and blood in the head

Blood Color: Blue, Green, Red

Want something custom? Reach out to us on our Contact Page and let us know what you’re looking for! 

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