Ballistic Dummy Gel Head

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Ballistic Dummy Gel Head

Shipping and Shelf Life: A Ballistic Dummy Gel Head ships between 2 and 4 weeks of the purchase date. The shelf life is 3-4 weeks from the ship date. 

Our Ballistic Dummy Gel Head is the most anatomically accurate blood and brain-filled skull replicate available on the market today. Our clear ballistic gel, paired with our human skull design, offers the most realistic experience possible for ballistics testing, blunt force trauma testing, cutting, medical research, and more. The skull is not the only precise feature; so is the skin thickness surrounding the skull. We designed our Ballistic Dummy Gel Head to have skin as close to the exact thickness around a human head as possible. 

As with our Loaded Torsos, our Ballistic Dummy Gel Head is packed with brains and blood packs inside the skull to mimic the internals you’d find inside a human head. This fan favorite is the most popular item we make. Our ultra-clear 20% organic ballistic gel formula is also more sustainable in heat and extreme weather conditions. We use a proprietary mix of organic materials that decomposes and is safe to discard with your regular trash. 

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Blood Color: Blue, Green, Red

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