Ballistic Dummy Gel Head (no internals)

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Ballistic Dummy Lab Gel Head (no internals)

Shipping and Shelf Life: A ballistic dummy gel head (no internals) ships between 2 and 4 weeks from the purchase date. The shelf life is 3-4 weeks from the ship date. 

Our Ballistic Dummy Gel Head with no internals is the most cost-effective way to test your accuracy and consistency. This gel head was designed specifically for ballistics and puncture testing. Our ultra-clear 20% organic ballistic gel formula is more sustainable in heat and extreme weather conditions. We use a proprietary mix of organic materials that decomposes and is safe to discard with your regular trash.

Because this gel head is designed with no internals, it is easy to trace entry and exit wounds, cavities, and other tests through our gel. This head can also take a beating if you need to use it for multiple experiments.

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